Monday, March 13, 2017

The History of Pizzatron 3000

What is up CP Fans, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. We only have less than a month left to experience the desktop version of Club Penguin and throughout the Month of March I will be putting out a new piece of History about every single mini-game that is on Club Penguin and today we will be having a look at the game Pizzatron 3000.

Pizzatron 3000 is a mini-game that was first released on February 26, 2007 and can be found in the Pizza Parlor on Club Penguin. Gary the Gadget guy was the inventor of the machine and was used to create pizza very fast and easy. The objective of the game is for the player to look on a sign that will tell you what kind of pizza needs to be made for the customers. At this point you should be quickly putting the ingredients that match the sign on the pizza so it can be shipped to customers as fast as possible. Regardless of how many pizzas you may make during the game process you can get five coins for every single one done correctly. If you are to mess up on a pizza or don't get all the ingredients on in time then you can remake a new one before it reaches the end of the conveyor belt it travels on. You are only allowed to have five mistakes in the entire game until it is over or you can create all 40 pizzas and the game will then end on its own. What is interesting about this game is that the more pizzas you make in a row without a single mistake, the faster they will go through which makes it very challenging. There is also an alternative version of Pizzatron 3000 that is called Candytron 3000 and can be played by switching the switch on the games title screen. The game also has recipes that go in order from easiest to hardest and will continue until your game ends. On February 21, 2008 the Grey fish that are used as a topping in the game were added to the Ice Fishing game. On April 25, 2011 10 different stamps for the game were added as well as a brand new title screen of the game. The Club Penguin App also has this mini-game on it except you can make more than forty pizzas and you are also able to get bonus coins for making up you own pizzas with every topping you put on it.

Thank you all so much for reading about the History of Club Penguins very own Pizzatron 3000 mini-game. I find this game to be way to fast as you get higher and higher up the levels as I have never completed 40 pizzas without running into problems with my computer. Anyways I hope you all enjoy the Gameplay that can be found below and until next time this is Crzypengu saying Waddle On!

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