Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The History of Hydro-Hopper

Hello Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. We are in our last month before the discontinuation of the Web Version of Club Penguin and I wanted to do something different for the final Month. During the course of the Month I will be putting up a little bit of history about every single Club Penguin mini-game there is and I will also put up a game play video on it, not only for this website, but to remember the memories we will have about this game. Anyways today we will be looking at the Hydro Hopper Mini game.

Hydro Hopper(formerly known as Ballistic Biscuit) was the first mini-game to be released from the Club Penguin team and was put out on August 22, 2005 during the beta testing period. Of course the games original concept and release was put out back on February 28, 2000 by Rocketsnail Games. In fact if you head on over to Rocketsnail Games right now you can play the exact same version as the Hydro Hopper on Club Penguin, except it is a human on a tube and not a penguin. Also Rocketsnail (Lance Priebe) has confirmed that his game Ballistic Biscuit was made for the Greenbay Bible Camp in Kelowna which is pretty cool.

The music for the game was added in on September 23, 2005 however instead of August 22, 2005 which I don't have an explanation why it didn't have any in the beta, but that is up to the Club Penguin Team to decide. On Newspaper Issue #99 they had a poll deciding what name should they choose to rename the game probably because it had ballistic in it. The poll had the names Water Yachter, Wake Caper, Hydro Hopper, Board Breaker, and Ballistic Boarder, and of course the rest was history.

Thank you all so much for reading about the History of Ballistic Biscuit and I hope to continue doing these posts throughout the month. I hope you will all enjoy the Game play video that I will leave right here and until next time this is Crzypengu saying Waddle On.

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