Saturday, November 26, 2016

Penguin of the Week: Junejune2012

What is up Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. I hope those who live in the USA have had a great Thanksgiving on Thursday and are enjoying a break off from school or work. Anyways there was a brand new blog post a couple days ago about the Penguin of the week, check it out.

"Hi, penguins!"
"Junejune2012 was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by, * Blackfox316*!"
"Here is their nomination:"
"Congrats, Scalesm! I would LOVE to nominate my best friend Junejune2012. She is THE BEST friend in the ENTIRE universe. She's always there for me, always spends time with me, makes me laugh out loud all the time. Please, vote for her, i beg!!!!!!! :D waddle on"

"Congrats, Junejune2012!"
"Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW Background."
"Waddle on!"
"-Club Penguin Team"

Congrats Junejune2012 for being this weeks penguin of the week. Anyways what do you all think of this post? Do you want to be the Penguin of the week sometime soon? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Club Penguin Jam Pin Cheats

What is up everybody, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. It has been an extremely long time since I have posted about a new pin being on the island, and recently a brand new one called the Jam Pin can be found at the Skatepark, check it out.

"You have found a Jam Pin. Would you like to pick it up?" I have collected as many pins as I could in the past so yes I will pick it up.

This is a nice new pin to add to my collection and isn't too complicated of the design. Anyways what do you all think of the pins Club Penguin continues to release? Are there any certain ones you wish you were able to pick up? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #561

What is up Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. A couple days ago a brand new Newspaper was released on the island which is Issue #561, check it out.

This newspaper had a couple cool things to talk about such as Herbert not being around the island recently and also DJ Cadence answering your questions. Anyways what do you all think of these recent updates? Is there anything you hope to see added to the game anytime soon? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Project: Super Secret... Revealed!

What is up Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Yesterday Club Penguin put out a brand new blog post about Project: Super Secret which looks pretty awesome, check it out.

"Hi Penguins,"
"The time has come. Everything since our first sneak peek in July 2015 has led to this one glorious, SUPER SECRET moment."
"Okay, okay, I’m being a little dramatic…. Only because I’m SO excited to give our community the first official glimpse into what Club Penguin has in store for Project: Super Secret."
"But first, we’d like to thank you. With the support and encouragement from our community, we were able to take the Club Penguin you know and love, and grow it into something we’re incredibly proud to share—and continue to build—with you!"
"And now, we present to you… CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND!"

"Here's a little sneak peek of the app description:"
"Where your adventures begin!"
"Discover a destination full of secrets and myths, legendary treasures, and endless possibilities! On Club Penguin Island, you’ll be a penguin, waddle around with friends, level up, and quest for special rewards. Create and customize outfits with endless combinations, and express yourself with chat, unique emojis, and 3D animations. Hit the stage, enjoy a pizza, or join a party… do something new every day!"
"Sound exciting? We think so, and we hope you do too :D"
"Those of you wondering when you’ll get to check out the island, stay tuned to the blog! Some of you in Canada and the United States will be receiving an email invite to our closed beta. If you are one of the beta penguins who receives this email, feel free to report back and let us know what you think so far!"
"We’ll have more information for you in the coming weeks. You can pre-register your new penguin name on our NEW WEBSITE! And don't forget to check back often. We'll be adding more fun stuff to the website as we work on finishing the app."
"As always, we love hearing your feedback and questions! Leave a comment below, and we’ll answer the top 10 questions in the next Island Insider video."
"Waddle on!"
"-Club Penguin Team"
Thanks Megg for the recent update about Project Super Secret. Of course I am worried about the future of the island even with this mobile device game being put out. Anyways what do you all think of this? Is there anything you want to see added to the current and new game? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Our Top Must Do Activities for This Year's Music Jam

What is up Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. A couple of days ago CP blogger Megg put up a brand new post about the current Music Jam Party, check it out.

"Hi penguins,"
"The jam is on! Here are some awesome things you can try out:"
  • "Grab a surfboard and jam out on the waves. It's taking rock to the extreme!"
  • "Start a penguin dance line at Casa Fiesta. I've seen one 17 penguins long!"
  • "Check out DJ Cadence and The Penguin Band because OF COURSE! This is what Music Jam's all about."
  • "Have a conversation with Klutzy. Okay, okay, so he's not much of a talker. More of a clicker."
  • "Check out the new beats being dropped at the Dance Club. There's a steady stream of the best DJs."
  • "Toot band? Gross, maybe not..."
"What are you planning to do this Music Jam? We'd love to hear it in the comments below!"
"-Club Penguin Team"
Thanks Megg for giving us some ideas of what we can do during this Music Jam in November. Anyways what do you all think of this blog post? Did you guys like anything about this party or do you think it could have been better? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Donald Trump Protests are Ridiculous

What is up everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Usually I do not post many political posts on my website but his whole Donald Trump Protest is the most Ridiculous thing I have been reading about all day. Now some of you that are on Twitter may know that I have defended Donald Trump for some of his actions but not all of them as some of his words are very inappropriate to hear even for me even though I have heard things much worse when I was in High School and sometimes at my job. The thing that really bothers me about this whole 2016 Election is to me that these Hillary Clinton supporters have said before that Trump should just accept the results if he loses and now all of a sudden are freaking the heck out because he won this election. The fact that the DNC allowed Hillary Clinton to cheat during the primaries and that they allowed someone with a criminal background like her is just insane. Now I would not have voted for Bernie Sanders either as I am not going to live off of other people that have grown their success over time, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have been the Democratic Nominee for President. The reason I say that is because people did believe in him just like these Trump Supporters that believed in the path he put out for the country.

Now I do not believe that everything that Trump has said will be done like the wall between America and Mexico, but he could create more Immigration Courts which will not only hire more judges, but it can also help the country determine what Illegal Immigrants can be taken out of the country and which ones can be allowed to stay here who can create more opportunities to the country. The so called temporarily Muslim ban that he proposed back in December has also been dropped in which he wants Foreign Countries that are having problems with Terrorism to be cut off from immigration to the USA. I know that most people will probably not agree on what I am about to say, but I believe that the Mainstream Media is to blame for these protests we see on the streets. It may sound crazy, but I ask those who claim they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump if they would ever put their claims out if Trump was not running for president, or if these people calling him a sexist, racist, homophobic, bigot would ever say these things if he never ran for president. Throughout the past year and a half since The Donald announced his candidacy for President the Media on your television or the Journalists online have been beating a dead horse for every single thing that has come out of him for weeks on end until they find something else. The Media that the people are listening to every day are to blame for making up these stupid lies about President-elect Donald Trump and it is rather strange that if even if he was a racist, these allegations against him never saw the light of day until he ran against the system. I usually wake up in the morning every single day and look up on what the media is making up this time and what are they going to do to attack Trump again for the next month.

Media is not the only problem when it comes to this election and it can be seen by these Celebrities in Hollywood just telling their followers on twitter that everything that the Media says is true as long as it goes their way and not against them. These crazy people that really wanted Hillary Clinton in because she is a woman or wants to give free college tuition (which would never happen as the Politicians will accept the money and give the people the bird) have to think outside the box in case she does not win which did happen. If Donald Trump were to lose against Hillary Clinton I would be OK with the Results even though I would not agree with the policies that Clinton would put into the country. Heck If Trump in fact lost the supporters would be upset, but not upset enough to burn the American Flag, start beating the crap out of all those who oppose us and petition to get my candidate elected. Yes, that is a thing on Social Media which has also helped divide people from the truth about The Donald is that there is a petition online gathering a couple million people who are upset that they lost the game or that they did not get what they want. This is like the students in High School nowadays in which those who do not work as hard as they want get terrible grades and start to blame the Teacher for not teaching them right while they are on their cell phones ignoring the lesson. You have to accept the results of any election or anything that comes your way no matter if you like it or not. Peaceful Protesters are people I can live with, but when it comes to those destroying property and blocking highways and waste their life on getting nothing done are the problem with any country. However in places like Venezuela who are given the opportunity of being in socialism are now suffering and are starving to death and over in this country people are freaking out because the Media wants you to believe it is the end of the world. If you want the electors on December 19th to become Faithless electors and give it over to Hillary Clinton then have fun with another Civil War because that would be the result and it will further divide the country like it has been for the past 8 years.

Anyways people need to chill out and just accept Donald Trump as the next President of the United States and if they can't do that then I do not know what to tell you. Even though he will get in the White House you still have to decide on your life choices and not to rely on other people to prosper in life. I am hoping that he does not get shot during his four years because if someone were to do that like these protesters wanting to kill Trump and his Supporters then the nation will be going down the toilet much faster. You cannot blame your life choices because of someone becoming President because you also have the choice to move to another country or make your life worth something because you only get one chance to live and after that you may not accept the way you ran your life on your deathbed. All in all guys I am hoping that Donald Trump is the right man chosen by God to lead this country because all of this is by Gods plan, you are just given the freedom to decide to go for or against someones thoughts and opinions. I hope you are all safe out there no matter what side you took during this election or if you were not involved in it anyway. Everyone have a great day and I will be putting up new blog posts soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Club Penguin Music Jam Party 2016 Cheats

What is up Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. I know it has been a crazy week for most of us either in the USA or outside of it, but thankfully that Election is finally over. Anyways Club Penguin put out their new Music Jam Party which does not include any new rooms, but rooms that have returned which is kind of nice, check it.

This Party is pretty good for what it is, but I do believe that some of the other rooms should have the sky changed and the Scavenger Hunt should of been something better. Anyways what do you all think of the party this month? Are you glad that the team at Disney returned this party after two years or did you want something different? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Club Penguin Furniture and Igloo Catalog November 2016 Cheats

Hello Guys and Gals, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. On Thursday a brand new Furniture and Igloo Catalog was released to the island, check it out.

Pretty cool Furniture and Igloo Catalog for this month don't you all think? Is there any items that you want to see in the future for Club Penguin? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.