Thursday, August 30, 2012

Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Game Stamps

In addition with the new Smoothie Smash game it comes with some stamps that you can earn right now and guess what, NONE OF THEM ARE MEMBERS ONLY HURRAY!!! Now all Penguins can earn the stamps for this game, thank you Club Penguin so much for this.

What do you think of this game, I like how you smash the fruit which is pretty much the whole objective to this game Lol!!!

Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Game.

Yay, the new Club Penguin smoothie game is finally here and here is where you can find it.

You can find it here at the Dock.

Here at the Forest.

Here at the Cove.

And at it's new home, the Coffee shop.

I feek very sad now that the whole Coffee Shop is changed and I wish I can have the same memories back:(

Club Penguin Newspaper #358

Today Club Penguin has added a new Newspaper, check it out.
Congrats Everyone who won the Igloo Contest, I sure wish I would have but those are my mistakes. What Do you think of this weeks paper, please comment below.

New Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy

Hey everyone, Crzypengu here and Club Penguin has added a new Spy Phone message check it out.

Good Jet Pack Guy, thanks for the message and I will here from you soon.

Club Penguin Field Op 97 Cheats

Today a new field op was updated and heres how to do it.
1. Click on the spyphone.

2. Go to the Command Room and click on the screen.
"Good Work Crzypengu! It looks like the creature, code name BIG BIG KAHUNA, has settled and is no longer dangerous. We need more data before we continue. Go to the volcano mouth, and test the rocks with your Spy Phone. Don't anger the volcano."

3. Go to the volcano.
Location found click on the spyphone.

4. Click engage and solve the puzzle.

5. Done and now you can earn some sweet EPF stuff.
What do you think of this weeks field op. Are you guys as happy as I am about this party. Please comment below for everyone is allowed to:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Club Penguin Name not allowed!

Hey Guys, Crzypengu with a very strange name that is not allowed check it out.
Now this is a presidential Campaign person Named Mitt Romney and I think Club Penguin is Against him. Idk why but this is what he looks like in Real life.

Now you may think this is only for the Republican Party of America but his Vice President pick if he wins is Paul Ryan so Check this out.
Although His name is taken you can understand my point, and heres Paul Ryan in real life.
Heres the other thing, Barack Obama, America's President is allowed to be a Club Penguin name, check it out.
Here is what Obama looks like in real life.
So I guess Club Penguin is against Mitt Romney but I'm not to sure so I will email Club Penguin about this and I will try to get an answer back until then I'm Crzypengu and I will see you later. 

Club Penguin Pineapple Costume

The Last Costume called the Pineapple is now able to pick up on Club Penguin. To get the prize follow my previous blog post, Club Penguin Temple Of Fruit Cheats and at the end you should be able to pick up the costume.

It's to bad the cage is not open for this one too I guess Club Penguin won't be fixing this, ah well, see ya later cp fans.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Club Penguin New Coffee Shop Grand Opening

Today Club Penguin has a new post on their blog, check it out.

"Greetings Baristas!"

"Happy77 here. I know some of you may have already heard about this... This week we're finally updating the Coffee Shop with a brand new look! I love it and I'm sure you will too."

"Here's a sneak peek of the new design:"

"A few of us are going to celebrate the new design by logging on this Thursday at 12:30pm Penguin Standard Time. We'd love to have some of you online with us! Wear a coffee apron and join us on the Snow Day server to celebrate the grand opening of the new Coffee Shop!"

"In the meantime, we'd love to hear about your favorite memories of the Coffee Shop. Tell us about them in the comments below!"

"Waddle On!"

"-Club Penguin Team"

Thanks for the post Happy77, but I liked the old Coffee Shop better and I will sure miss it, and plus I would like to meet you but because of school I can't come, Plz Club Penguin can you do this at a later time maybe 4:00 p.m. the same day so everyone has a chance to meet you and the rest of the team as I have not met Billybob yet and I would love to, Plz respond to my email at I would like a later time plz.  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ancient Temple mystery

Some time this week I will make an adventure about the great ancient temple mystery where we will find out who did this party and why is it so strange.

Crzypengu's Penguin of the week award

I was going to plan finding people with the best outfits where one penguin asked me if he can put his igloo on this site. His name is Ldsmormon and he wanted me to put it up and he provided the pictures for me check it out.

Thanks Ldsmormon for sending the email, if you want to be put on a blog put a picture of your penguin and house, or you can tell me where to meet you and I will do it for you you can send it to and you can even get interviewed, don't miss out on next weeks award for you can be the chosen one.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Club Penguin new Rockhopper Playercard and Background.

Hey Cp fans, Crzypengu here with an update of Rockhoppers new playercard and background, check it out.
Why is yarr looking at fruit on rockhoppers playercard, does he like it or something? I think He is doing a stare off lol.

New Club Penguin Parent Update

Hello Everyone, Crzypengu here and the other day I got a new parent email from club penguin that gives us quite some information, check it out.
I find It pretty cool that club penguin adds these updates and I hope they keep doing it, Thanks Club Penguin.

Club Penguin New song Anchors Aweigh by the Penguin Band

Cub Penguin has a new post on their blog, check it out.

"Greetings Penguins!" "Happy77 here. Thanks to everyone who downloaded "The Party Starts Now" on iTunes! After releasing this first Club Penguin track, many of you asked for more songs to download..."

"I'm very excited to say that we're releasing a new song by the Penguin Band! The song is called "Anchors Aweigh", and it will be available to purchase in the iTunes Store starting next week!

"Here's a sneak preview:" "I'd love to hear what you think of the track! You can let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below."

"Waddle On! :)"

"-Club Penguin Team"

Thanks Club penguin for the preview, I will be so looking forward to listening to this song and I give you guys and gals good luck for everything you have done to provide a safe loving enviroment on Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Banner

Hey CP fans, I forgot to update a new event banner last week but check it out. Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

This banner will update along the way so I will keep ya peepz posted and don't forget to comment about this post.

Club Penguin Adventure Party Poll

Today Club Penguin has updated a brand new poll check it out.

This is what the poll status looks like right now.

Well, I never heard of a coffee shop update but I wonder when it will happen? Also If you look closely the ash in smash is spaced out from eachother and so is the u in update, I wonder if club penguin will fix this because I hope they do.

Club Penguin Apple Costume

The second Costume called the Apple Costume from club penguin has finally been released. To get the prize follow my previous blog post, Club Penguin Temple Of Fruit Cheats and at the end you should be able to pick up the costume.

Thanks for the awesome costume Club Penguin. Also shouldn't the cage open when you pick this up, please fix this Club Penguin. Well anyways at least its an apple not the watermelon costume because as I said before I'm afraid of Giant Watermelons (This is no joke I really am afraid).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Club Penguin Temple Of Fruit Cheats

With the release of this party I have updated the latest cheats for the Fruit Party which Is so far my most favorite party ever.

The First Fruit you must find is the watermelon which is at the dock.
The Second Fruit is the Pineapple which I go from my own order(Remember I have Aspergers) is at the cove.

The Last Fruit is the apple which is at the forest(Note the red sink hole as I like to say has a circle in it leads to the underground cave).
Yay, Now to the Temple:)
This First puzzle you must pass the darts, make sure your fruit doesn't fall.
This next part make sure you do not get trapped by the cage.
Few that was close now throw fruit at the targets like I already did.
Finally safe and now to feed the head the fruits.
Sweet and now we can get another item. You have found a Watermelon Costume. Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please.

Man I love this party so much and can't wait for the other two outfits to come out so I guess everything is back to normal except there is one thing that changed, I am now terrified of Giant Watermelons so plz don't scare me.