Sunday, October 28, 2012

Club Penguin Operation Blackout Sneak Peek

Hey everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Normally I do not post on Sundays but I found a New Operation Sneak Peek today from Spike Hike, check it out.

Thanks Spike Hike for the sneak peek, I also checked the moniters today and Herbert is Penguinnapping Gary, I will save Gary and Herbert will not get away with this.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Club Penguin New Spy Phone Message from Gary

Hey everyone, I forgot to put up this post but I just remembered.

"Crzypengu! I have made contact with my long lost great uncle, Gariwald. As it happens, he turned himself into a ghost on purpose. What an amazing discovery!"

Hmm, I will Have to investigate this as well, I don't even remember who my father was, he could be anyone.

Crzypengu Twitter Account

Hey everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Today I wanted to show you peepz my twitter account because there has been trouble trying to get to mine and here it is.

Now anyone could follow and maybe I will even announce some server parties that I may start doing such as right now at Server Beanie at the Snow Forts so you can hop right in as soon as you can where I will be liking igloos, adding Friends, and more. Until then, Waddle on.

Spike Hike Twitter Account

Club Penguin future owner Spike Hike has his own twitter account, check it out.

Well, Its official, Club Penguin has changed alot but I will never forget the greatest years of CP, 2005 to 2007 R.I.P.

Club Penguin Spike Hike Reporting For Duty!

Club Penguin's newest owner, Chris Heatherly has sent us a blog post, check it.

"Hey Penguins!"

"Spike Hike here. My real name is Chris Heatherly, and as you may have heard last week, I'm stepping into Lane's big shoes. You probably don't know me, but I've been working and playing on Club Penguin for a long time!"

"I first met the Club Penguin Team in 2007 when I worked for Disney Toys. When I first came to Penguin, I fell in love with what the team was doing. Together we worked on the first Penguin toy line. Billybob and I got to launch the toys in the biggest penguin party ever in New York City! We had Club Penguin projected onto the Jumbotron so that kids from around the world could join the party."

"As a dad, I've been playing Club Penguin with my three kids for years. My twins even had a Club Penguin birthday party and I dressed up as Herbert. Herbert had stolen the puffles and the kids had to throw "snowballs" at him and get him to drop the sack of puffles. The kids tackled me to the ground and pelted me with snowballs!"

"Lane and I became really good friends and talked a lot about his vision for Club Penguin. When he asked me to join Club Penguin it was a dream come true! For the last year and a half, I've been able to work on parties, penguin shorts and music videos. As a long time player and as a dad, Club Penguin is very special to me."

"As Billybob said in his farewell post, one thing about Club Penguin will never change – it has always been about you guys and always will be."

"Until next time… Waddle On!"

"-Club Penguin Team"

Thanks Chris Heatherly for the message. Although Club Penguin won't be the same as he said, it will be for me. I am glad there will be a new owner, but why Lane and Happy, Why do you both have to leave, I just wish I can meet you guys one last time and add me because the original owner of Club Penguin and the Blogger Happy will be greatly missed and I will be sad for CP will never be the same without them ever unless they keep their jobs:(

100th Video!!

Club Penguin has sent out their 100th video recently yesterday, check it out.

Awesome Video Club Penguin, but you could of used it for the Club Penguin Documentary, lol.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Club Penguin New Room Designs 2012

Club Penguin has put at the end of their New Herizon video a couple room sneak peeks which I give credit to Trainman1405 for these pictures, check it out.
The Beach

The Gift Shop

The Dock

The Snow Forts

The Pizza Parlour

The Plaza

The Town

Also here is an Old room that was on the Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin., and yes this is not my picture. However this might appear some day and I do hope it does.

Now this room may or not be coming out soon but, If you look at the dock you can see some other things, If you look in the background where the Ski Village, you can normally see two buildings, but you can see three, IS THE SPORTS SHOP COMING BACK:D Also if you look in the dock there are normally three passageways but look at the one on the upper right and go down where you can see an empty space that can lead to the room above. This is great, and I do hope this rooms will come (except the fact that the picture above will have to change its scenery where the town and Ski Hill is) and it will be sweet although I will miss the old rooms, this can be way better, THANK YOU CLUB PENGUIN.

Club Penguin Herbert's own website and Login Screen

Hello everyone, Crzypengu here and I mean't to put up a post about this earlier but I forgot but I did get reminded by some bloggers and I decided to do it, check it out.

And here is the Login Screen.

You know what Herbert, I am tired of you trying to destroy the island and I am going to stop you with everything I got from Card Jitsu, to Secret Agent. Yes, that secret agent, the Secret Agent that foiled your plans for years. Yeah thats right, I will not stop, I will not sleep, I will not eat ice cream until you are done destroying the island and everyone is safe and that is final.

Club Penguin Newspaper #366

Club Penguin has added a brand New Newspaper for us to read, check it out.

Very funny jokes, new things coming out next week, and of course my favorite, Halloween is still on Yay!!! It's to bad though that Aunt Arctic didn't come this year to the Seventh Anniversary party, ah well, at least we will get a chance to meet her during Christmas, or will we???

Club Penguin Field Op 105 Cheats

Club Penguin has a brand new field op today, check it.
1. Click on the spyphone.

2. Go to the Command Room and click on the screen.

"Hello Crzypengu, It seems there are many different kinds of ghosts on the island. Some are good. Some are of great concern. We need to assist the ghost catching squads. Search the mansion for any affected technology, and de-haunt it."
3. Go to the telescope in the Haunted Mansion.

Location found click on the spyphone.

4. Click engage and solve the puzzle.

"Well done Crzypengu! It looks like you found some ghosts up to no good in my great uncle's telescope. Hopefully once all of the bad ghosts are contained, things will go back to normal."

 5. Done and now you can earn some sweet EPF stuff.
Also Operation Blackout is coming soon and I hope there will be new Elite Gear for us soon.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Horizons - Part 1 - A Brief History of Club Penguin

Club Penguin has put up a new video on youtube today, check it out.

Its very sad though to know all of Club Penguin will change soon and I will be upset. I will enjoy the Birthday of Club Penguin as it has envloved over time. I will miss old Cp but we can't change the past, only the future.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Club Penguin Seventh Anniversary Party 2012

Club Penguin Finally is seven years old by this October 24th but it's not here yet but the cake is already check out the Coffee Shop.

You have found a 7th Anniversary Hat. Would you like to pick it up? Yes, I would be glad to.

Thanks for the Party Club Penguin and for the hat and new book. Although I really miss the old Coffee Shop look because it brought back so many memories:)

Club Penguin Polo Field sends us secrets to Operation Blackout

Hey everyone, well I have recieved news on twitter from Polo Field himself who has sent us two brand new sneak peeks of Operation Blackout next month, check it out.

Very cool sneak peeks and the first one must be a message from Gary and the second shows a penguin (That is totally me lol) who is going through a forest area where this could be Rockhopper Island. I must stop Herbert from desctruction as I am the one who is the pesky penguin stopping all his plans so I may be able to combine my powers from card jitsu and elite agent abilities to be unstoppable towards him where me and the EPF can stop him once and for all.

Special Message from Happy77

Hey everyone Crzypengu here with some news I really dont want to spoil, check it out.

"By Happy77 on October 22, 2012 - 16:22
Greetings Penguins!"

"Happy77 here. It's almost Club Penguin's anniversary. Hard to believe that Club Penguin is almost 7 years old already!"

"I'm writing this post to let you know that I'll also be moving on from Club Penguin. I'll be spending my time raising my children. Who knows? Maybe one day my kids will grow up to be bloggers, too. :)"

"I’ve had an amazing time here at Club Penguin. Like Billybob, you're the reason I've done this for so long. Polo Field and Businesmoose have been helping me since I first started blogging in 2008, so I know you’re in good hands."

"Thanks for being so supportive, and for the great memories."

"And as always...
Waddle On! :)"

"-Club Penguin Team"

WHAT THE FLOB IT!!!!! Why are all the creators and the people who made CP what it is today LEAVING????? This is very sad and I will miss both Happy77 and Billybob very much. Oh yeah and just one more thing, IS CLUB PENGUIN ENDING????????

Daffodaily5's Spooky Fruity Fashion Challenge!

Hey guys, Crzypengu here with a new post on the club penguin website today by one of the newest bloggers Daffodaily5, check it out.

"By Daffodaily5 on October 22, 2012 - 08:24

"It’s Daffo here. I’ve seen some pretty crazy costumes recently and it got me thinking..."

"Nothing stands out more than a mismatched outfit, and nothing says spooky and strange quite like Halloween! So, I was trying on some different outfits for inspiration and found myself wearing the Kiwi Costume and the Ghost Goggles just for laughs, but you know what… it actually worked!"

"I’m always hoping to come across weird and wonderful discoveries so now I’m on the lookout for the freakiest fruit combination! What I'd really love to see are some fab fashion shows full of spooky, juicy costumes! What do you guys think? Who knows, maybe I'll waddle over to your igloo to take a peek at your creations."

I have no Image yet sorry about that:(

"I’d love to hear your thoughts, so make sure you leave a comment below!"

"Waddle on!"

Wow this is so cool huh, thanks Daffodaily5 for the message and I will update this when the image ever comes up.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Club Penguin Gary Tracker 2012

Hey everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Today I decided to put up some trackers for finding Gary this Halloween and here they are with my chat group. Gary Tracker Gary Tracker
Club Penguin Cheats

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Thanks for reading and good luck tracking.

Club Penguin Halloween Cheats 2012 video

Hello cp fans, Crzypengu here with some news where I was just going to do a bunch of pictures and put them on my blog but I thought it would be cool to have a video instead so keep your hands together and prepare to know the cheats for the halloween party 2012. Also I did make an error in the beginnig by trying to get rid of the glitch that happened to this video but please like it.

Thanks for watching and thanks Sedancy for being my special guest star and because it took me over three hours to edit and upload it on youtube so thank you for reading this and please comment about the video below.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Club Penguin New 7th Anniversary Hat Pin cheat

Club Penguin has a brand new pin and it is located in the Underground Mine, check it out.

You have found a 7th Anniversary Hat Pin. Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please I would love to have a pin of a hat lol.

What do you think about this pin? I think it is really cool in my opinion. Please comment below for more posts and updates on club penguin.

Club Penguin Newspaper #365

Club Penguin has added a brand New Newspaper for us to read, check it out.

Ghosts, Goblins, and more Halloween is the place to go. Anyways wow how could gary do that!!! If you read the first ask Gary thing it may seem normal until the abbreviations of the penguin named Hurbert p. Enguin is HERBERT!!!! This is very bad and he will try to get rid of the sun but I will go undercover to stop this menace once and for all.