Friday, March 17, 2017

The History of Aqua Grabber

What is up CP Fans, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. We only have less than a month left to experience the desktop version of Club Penguin and throughout the Month of March I will be putting out a new piece of History about every single mini-game that is on Club Penguin and today we will be having a look at the game Aqua Grabber.

Aqua Grabber was released on February 19, 2008 and was created by Gary the Gadget Guy where it can be found at the Iceberg. It was made originally for collecting parts for The Migrator that struck an Iceberg on January 17, 2008. However due to the high popularity of the game it was then made permanent and is playable for all Penguins. What is cool is that Aqua Grabber was also offered two other names for the mini-game in a poll which were Deep Sea Salvage and Depth Diver. Aqua Grabber has two different levels where the first level, Clam Waters was released on April 4, 2008. In this level you have to collect all of the pearls that can be found in different clams and you can even get a black pearl as well. However you will need to retrieve the Main Treasure to finish the game which is a Giant Pearl that can be found in a Giant Clam at the bottom of the level screen. Soda Seas is the second level in the game and was released on August 6, 2008. In this level you are told to collect all of the cream soda barrels and return them to the net. There is an amethyst crystal that you have to retrieve for the main treasure by going past some Giant Puffer Fish in the level. A Crab can be found in the game and you can retrieve an emerald as long as you let it collect all of the gold that can be found in a pile. On July 26, 2010 there was a major update where the home screen was updated and the Soda Seas levels were made to be members only. Finally a player is able to bring their Pink Puffle that can give them more bubbles to keep air in their Aqua Grabber. And now here is an early sketch of what Club Penguin's Aqua Grabber could have been like.
Thank you all so much for reading about this History of Club Penguin's mini-game Aqua Grabber. This game may seem pretty easy, but getting the all of the stamps that are included in it can be a challenge. Anyways I hope you all enjoy the gameplay down below and until next time this is Crzypengu saying Waddle On!

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