Saturday, March 18, 2017

The History of Card Jitsu

What is up CP Fans, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. We only have less than a month left to experience the desktop version of Club Penguin and throughout the Month of March I will be putting out a new piece of History about every single mini-game that is on Club Penguin and today we will be having a look at the game Card Jitsu.

Card Jitsu was first released on November 17, 2008 and can be found at the Dojo and was the last game that Rsnail worked on before he left the Club Penguin Game. Card Jitsu is a card game which allows players to go head to head against each other in which they can earn belts over the time until they become a black belt. In Card Jitsu the players use cards with numbers, colors and different elements which are Fire, Water and Snow. There are special power cards in the game where you are able to see an animation of what is depicted on the card which are a ton of fun to view. The objective of the game is to beat the opponents with those elements kind of like the form of Rock, Paper Scissors where Fire beats Snow, Snow beats Water, and Water beats Fire. Both players can choose the same element which is where the numbers come in as the player with the highest number wins that round. Each Player is able to win in three different ways where you can have the same type of card except in three different colors, you can win one of each element, or if you have a power card that does not allow the other player to use snow, fire, or water for the next round and the other player only has all their cards with that element, then you will automatically be made the winner. In each round of the game you are given 6 cards at a time which can contain multiple elements and colors for each card being played. Once a player gets all of their belts they can then challenge Sensei and win their mask for the black belt. After defeating Sensei a player has an option of continuing their ninja status by playing in Card Jitsu Fire, Water and Snow. You are able to purchase Card Jitsu Cards in real life as well that have game codes and allow you to unlock more cards for you personal inventory.

Thank you all so much for reading about The History of Card Jitsu. This game has been extremely fun to play on the island and the fact that you can watch the Power Card animations are fun as well. Anyways please enjoy the Gameplay videos below and until next time this is Crzypengu saying Waddle On!

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