Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Mini-Party!

Hey everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Today there is a brand new post on the Club Penguin Blog by Polo Field, check it out.

"By Polo Field on April 1, 2013 - 14:58"
"It's April Fool's Day... Heard any silly jokes today?"

"To celebrate April Fool's, I'm going to have a mini-party in my igloo. Pick out the silliest outfit you own, and log on to the server Fjord at 1pm Penguin Standard Time (that's in about an hour.) Bring your puffle, too!"

"I'll update this blog post with screenshots from the event. :)"

"Waddle On!"

"-Club Penguin Team"
Pretty cool post huh? I would like to go but I am going to an arcade place, but I hope to go on Field Friday this week but anyways please comment below on your opinion of the new post. 

"UPDATE: Here's a recap for those that missed it:"

"The server was almost full when we tried to log on!"

"We spent some time handing out postcards in my igloo! It was pretty crowded!"

"Next we changed up the igloo to give everyone a bit more space. Plus now we could see all of the hilarious outfits everyone wore for the celebration! Clown wigs, moustaches, flying bunnies, squid lids... So many fun outfits. Nice one, Mr Amazing07!"

"Finally, we went on a few toot parades around the island. I even heard that Ninja was hiding away somewhere on the server..."

"Thanks again for all the fun! And to the person who said "Thanks for the donuts"... You're welcome! wink"

"Until next time... Waddle On!"

"-Club Penguin Team"

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