Tuesday, April 9, 2013

L'actu mode : avril 2013 (Fashion news: April 2013)

Hey everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. A couple days ago we got a brand new post by Loustik005 on the French Club Penguin Blog about the latest fashions, check it.

First here is the French Version.

"Par Loustik005 le 06 avril 2013 à 07:04 pm |"

"Salut les pingouins !"

"Dans 20 jours, un nouveau combat attend l'île ! Avec la sortie du nouveau catalogue " Mode Pingouin ", la tension est déjà montée d'un cran ! Les futurs Super Héros sont déjà à fond dans leur rôle, regardez :"

"Et vous, quelle tenue vous portez en ce moment ? Super Tenue ou pas Super Tenue ? On se retrouve dans les commentaires pour échanger nos idées de styles !"

"À bientôt sur le blog... ou sur l'île ! ;-)"


And here is the English Version.

"By Loustik005 April 6, 2013 at 07:04 pm |"

"Hi penguins!"

"In 20 days, a new battle awaits island! With the release of the new catalog" Penguin Style ", the tension is already rising a notch! Future Super Heroes are already fully in their role, look"

"Cracboum797: This lion-penguin-human more than one asset: a mane hair with telekinesis INCORPORATED!"

"Zoe Dragon2: The devastating power of the tornado! To defend the island? Attention, there has electricity in the air!"

"Guibatt02: The Defender of Club Penguin with a mask in Advance! Behind the Mask, a real vampire?"

"And you, what outfit you are wearing right now? Keeping Super Conducting Super or not? See you in the comments to share our ideas of style!"

"See you on the blog or on the island ...;-)"


Pretty neat post huh. Pretty cool to know about don't you think? Please comment below on your opinion of the brand new outfits.

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