Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crzypengu's Penguin of the Week Award March 26, 2013

Hey Club Penguin Fans, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Today I will put up this weeks penguin of the week award even though I forgot to do it yesterday and this weeks winner is... Arbaaz15675 Congratulations.

Who knew Leprechaun Hairstylist Penguins can't fly? Well apparently with this penguin they can as they have a Jet Pack on their back.
And his igloo looks like a College! Well I will be in the Workout room if you need me lol.

Pretty awesome penguin huh? Please comment below on your opinion of this weeks penguin of the week award and you can try out in the comments by saying your penguin name, date you want to meet me, what server, and time so you can be the next penguin of the week. Until next time, I am Crzypengu saying Waddle on.

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