Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ten Years Later...

I can't believe it. I refuse to acknowledge it. I don't know what to think about it. I cannot believe that I joined Club Penguin 10 years ago on May 21, 2007. That day was very special to me and has been every year since when I counted 1 year on 2008 and so forth. Of course this Journey began on the last week of Elementary School which was a Monday at the time. To be honest I have no idea why I came up with the idea of going home that day and looking up in the Google Search 'Penguin Games'. It may have been something to do with summer starting and I wanted to play a new type of video game but I guess that will remain a mystery to me. Of course when I typed in Penguin Games there were websites like Funbrain and Webkinz since they both had Penguins involved, but the top search said Club Penguin and I did not know much about it so I clicked on it. Once I was on the website it just breathed a community that I wanted to be apart of because of how incredible of a game it looked to my young eyes. Creating a Penguin was the tricky part because I wanted a username that can be remembered by me. Apparently my Mother believed that I should use the name CrazyPenguin for my name but it was already taken.The only real reason for this name was because of how obsessed I was with Penguins over time and this site was right for me. Instead she insisted if I should take out the 'a' in Crazy and the 'i' and 'n' in Penguin. The name was perfect and sure enough I logged in the for the very first time

Club Penguin was something else and I was glad that it was. No other Virtual World has ever kept me on track of communicating with other people online and just being in a very fun playground for kids. Of course other kids at my school may have played it online as well, but I preferred talking to other kids around the world who had the same interests as I did. This playground for children made me so happy to be alive and I really wanted to get a membership to purchase some items for my Penguin. This never happened to me however but instead I got a Red Puffle Plush Toy from the shop within the first 3 months that I joined. It was awesome to start off my own Club Penguin Merchandise Collection and I would continue even to this day. The year of 2008 was probably one of the best years of Club Penguin in my opinion. At that time it was operated by Disney, but the original team behind it were still there and wanted to put in the ideas they have planned out for the game. There was a ton of awesome parties this year where there was the first Music Jam, the first Medieval Party, the start of the Card Jitsu series, and of course the Submarine Party that occurred right after the Save the Migrator event. This Particular year probably saved me and my profile from ever leaving the game and I continued to play Club Penguin as a non-member until August 2010 where I bought a Membership card at a store to enjoy the Mountain Expedition party. This particular party also had my favorite music track in it which is called Ice Serenade and was heard in the secret Ice Cave room. Fun fact about this particular track is that Screenhog told me that he composed this song based on a Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Song.
Things were just getting better and better over the years as I played Club Penguin with new updates and mini-games being added from time to time. In April 2011 I decided to join Twitter where I would talk to other Club Penguin members about different topics that did or did not relate to the game. However I did not use Twitter that much at the time and I only had 179 tweets by October 2012. This was also the same time when I posted on this blog that I had a Twitter Account and my account grew up to 300 followers or so in a couple days or a week. On June 20, 2011 there was the infamous shutdown of Club Penguin, or so it seemed. Apparently the team at Club Penguin forgot to renew the Domain name of Club Penguin which caused a freak out all across the community. This one event scared me and gave me a hint that this game would not last forever. Going into 2012 I wanted to do something different for the game and I tossed the idea of creating a website, but I was not good at the HTML language at all. Instead I decided on August 7, 2012 that I would open up a blog since it was the easiest way to create a website. I would love to improve on my website skills in the future but for now I am O.K. with using blogger as my source since I was inspired by CP Blogger Saraapril and so many others. To be honest the Club Penguin Community back then was a lot different back then and I am not exaggerating. Twitter was not being used as much at the time by die-hard Club Penguin players and I found myself to be one of the oldest active used accounts in the CP community and I figured that out quickly when searching through the accounts I followed over the years. Some accounts have not been used in over 5 years which was very disappointing to see them go without ever saying a goodbye.

As time went on with my Club Penguin Journey I continued to play almost every single week since the Blog convinced me to continue with my passion for this game and I am glad it did. I will be honest that I understand this website is not the most popular CP fan blog, but I always cared for the work that I did in this community even though it may not gain a huge audience. One of the regrets I keep having from time to time about this website and Club Penguin is not continuing with foreign blog posts. If you haven't been here in the early years of this blog then let me explain. Back in the years of 2013 and 2014 I decided to put in blog posts from the other Languages of Club Penguin and it was a ton of work. I would take the post and put it in its normal language for other viewers in different countries and I would also put up a translated version of it for the English users as well. Google Translate is the tool I used for most of the blog posts and it nearly Doubled or sometimes Tripled the amount of work I did for this website. This was great however and I saw an audience that is rarely seen throughout the Club Penguin Community and I was proud to bring all these different users into one place. Life happens unfortunately and I had to stop doing these foreign blog posts mainly because of School and Work that I did about five days a week. I wish this habit continued throughout the time Club Penguin was active, but that is something I cannot change. Another idea I had for this blog was putting up a Excel or Word Document that could be downloaded from this website that allowed users to communicate with the Ultimate Safe Chat through different languages. Basically it would have been just the Language it was on the top column and then comparing each word to what it meant in another country. Unfortunately this was never finished and I failed to get any time to continue working on this project. Maybe I will do this to whatever new Virtual World comes up which will most likely be one created by Rocketsnail or Hyper Hippo Games.

The year of 2013 seemed to be a really great year for the Franchise even with the merchandise for it going away only leaving the Membership cards in stock. There were a ton of really good parties such as the Star Wars Takeover and even the Avengers Party. Sponsored Parties however were starting to become a huge problem for the game as it was now including third party content. Before Disney bought the game Club Penguin was against the use of Third Party Content in the game, but because it needed to reach its full potential they had to partner with another company which honestly was not a bad decision. Club Penguin was just starting to get a little bland for my tastes as more and more takeovers kept coming around the corner with seemingly no end. I like to think that 2014 was probably the last good year of the Game although there are some exceptions for me such as Sasquatch being included into the game which is something I personally wanted to see happen in a game with Ninjas and Secret Agents already. And from there on I stopped buying Club Penguin Memberships since it seemed useless to continue on buying cards for a game that would release the same content over and over again. Don't get me wrong though I still enjoyed everything about the game even with some flaws from here and there, but I knew that the game was really going through a Downward Spiral as the company had to make Club Penguin into Mobile. Playing on Mobile is never my first choice when it comes to Video Games, but I trusted that my Journey on Club Penguin would continue with the imaginative minds of Disney. Finally after a lot of speculation about what this Project Super Secret would be about, a Private Beta for the game was put up on November 2016 where it then would be in the Geo-Beta stage the next month. I believe every member of the Club Penguin Community knew where this was going and I was not ready for it even as it happened. On January 30, 2017 the Club Penguin team announced that the game was going to be discontinued on March 29, 2017. Everyone who loved this game in their childhood was heartbroken to see this game vanish and only to become a memory. Throughout the next two months I was feeling very sad and outraged to see what I like to think of my other life to vanish with one click of a button. On that fateful day of March 29, 2017 the game shut down at around Midnight where I just stared at the screen for 3 hours straight just seeing that part of my life going away, but I know there was a future to look forward to with the Club Penguin Island Game.

Well here we are now, Ten years later and I am still a part of this fantastic and amazing game. Club Penguin got a lot of attention during its last two months of being online which I was extremely happy to see that people who have left years ago were coming back online for one last time. The worst part about the closure of the Desktop game had to be missing out on my account being 10 years old which would have happened if it stayed open two more months. I can't change the past, but I am glad to have all the wonderful memories that came from this game and I know there is nothing that will be as great as this particular memory over the last 10 years. Club Penguin Island is not the greatest improvement for a Video Game, but was definitely one of the greatest things to come on the internet. Whether that means meeting Mascots or even tipping the Iceberg, Club Penguin will always be a part of who I am as a person. It has been an amazing Journey throughout the course of the Club Penguin Franchise and it would have been much better if I joined earlier to see my Penguin reach 10 years old but that is something that will never be changed. Anyways I have to give my thanks to the founders Lance Priebe, Lane Merrifield, and Dave Krysko for an unforgettable decade of Laughs and Fun as well as all of the other Club Penguin Team members that have made this game one of the best choices I have made in my life. I will especially be excited to meeting this creative team in Canada in July to see where a big chunk of my Childhood was created. Thank you all for an outstanding 10 year Journey and until next time this is Crzypengu saying, Waddle On!

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