Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rookie Adventures Coming Soon!

Hello Everybody, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Over the past week there have been a couple new blog posts on the Club Penguin Island blog where one of them talks about more adventures coming soon.

"Adventure’s returning to Club Penguin Island, and it’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt and propeller hat!"

"Rookie’s ready to turn Mount Blizzard into one of the greatest tube hills of all time—well, if things start going right for a change. It seems that wherever our goofy hero goes there’s a boom. Or crash. Or blam."

"Whether hiding a 50-ton anvil or dodging a jet tube, every problem can be overcome. (But, um, maybe suggest that he take a cooking class.)"

"Members will be able to help Rookie through some of his toughest challenges, and who knows—maybe Mount Blizzard really could win the prestigious Pick of the Year award. But most importantly, maybe Jet Pack Guy will notice!"
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I am pretty interested on how Rookie will be put into the game and what kind of tasks we will be asked to do. The post does say that it will be part of Mount Blizzard so maybe there will be some race competitions we will have to do, who knows. Anyways leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

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