Thursday, June 22, 2017

Internet Safety

Hello everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Yesterday Club Penguin Staff Member Joe put up a brand new blog post talking about Internet Safety on the game, check it out.

"Hi penguins,"

"Today I want to get serious for a moment and talk about Internet safety."

"It’s not just Aunt Arctic who keeps the island safe—it’s up to every penguin to play a part in Internet safety."

"Here are some great ways to stay safe online:"
  • Protect Personal Info: Keep information about yourself a secret. This includes things like your name, address, phone number, and even the city you live in. Your penguin name is all your online friends need to know.
  • Keep Passwords Secret: Would Gary share the password to his lab’s computer? No way, and you shouldn’t share passwords either—except with a parent or guardian.
  • Speak Up: Use the REPORT feature if you’re uncomfortable with something someone says in Club Penguin Island, either to you or another penguin. For steps on reporting a player, check out: How do I report another player?
"Thanks for keeping the community safe. And fun! And awesome! And dancey!"
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I Remember Club Penguin would always talk about Internet Safety from time to time in the last game and with more and more kids growing up with technology it is nice to see them remind all users of this. Club Penguin Islands Filters are so strict that I can't even put a number in words because of how worried they are for players safety. Anyways what do you all think of this blog post from the Club Penguin Team? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

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