Thursday, September 11, 2014

It has been another day for the September 11 Attacks.

Hello Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. As you all know that today is the day once again that was terrible for us in America which was the September 11th Attacks. Not only that but it has been two years since our US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods. You may be asking why I did not do this the same day the 11th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks and why I did not mention this last year. It is not because I am trying to cover up this scene, it is only because I did not know if I should or should not. This may be based on the actual attacks on September 11th but it just shows you how cruel the world can be when things like this come around. We cannot let our guard down here in the US or any country as we have failed to fight back at these things. I understand that President Barack Obama says that he tried to help them but it is recorded that three phone calls came in to tell him all about the incident. Approximately 100 or more Libyans were involved in the attack which caused these peoples lives. Now we also see on the news today with ISIS being around and we are told not to send our troops in to help. However if we gave weapons away it would not turn out to be good in the end as we have had our back turned around expecting an ally but of course that never works up. I will not post any video footage or pictures of either one of these events because they are to violent for anyone to see. I hope that all the Countries in this world can some day see what we are doing is wrong as I would hate to commit a crime in my life.

Back to September 11th Attacks I believe that the attack was not an inside job only because we would have found evidence of the government planning it by now but then again they can get rid of the evidence very fast. However I do not think someone would stretch as far to kill their own citizens just to start a random war with a foreign country. Anyways I think these two events that caused over 3000 lives we shall never forget as they put a very sorrow event to our lives. Thinking over the topic all the time makes me feel sick in the stomach as if people in other countries thinks it is funny to kill innocent people. There is never a good reason to kill unless it is for you defense of your own nation and not anyone else's until they mess with you as well. Anyways thank you so much of your time to listen to this post as it takes time to come up with these things in my life. I hope that everyone will be safe and that we will not have to start a World War III in this next Generation as life as we know it will be lost. Thank you and please Never Forget these two events for the sake of other nations that are in trouble as we should live up with our country in happiness and not sorrowfulness. Thank you so much for listening and give your moment of silence when you have a chance for those who sacrificed their lives for you and the people of your great country and I hope to talk to you penguins soon.

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