Monday, September 15, 2014

Crzypengu's Penguin of the Week Award September 15, 2014

Hey Everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Because there is not much on the Club Penguin Blogs as of right now I want to put up this weeks Penguin of the week award for all English Servers and that penguin is... Mjyorko Congratulations.

Today I spotted this Penguin who of course caught my eye because they had a Gingerbread outfit on. They do look mighty tasty lol.

Mjyorko's Igloo has 99,999+ likes with a total as of right now with 187,824. That is a whole lot of likes for one persons Igloo and it is probably because they have CANDY EVERYWHERE. On board the Candy Train.

I believe this is one of the highest known Igloo's I have been to. Anyways what do you think of this Penguin of the Week? Do you ever want to get this many likes at your igloo? Do you want to be on this website? If that is a yes please leave a comment below and tell me if you want to be put onto the blog. You may also send me a Private Message to me on Twitter on my account @Crzypengu1 when you want to meet and remember that all penguins are allowed to go even those in our other languages. Thanks again and until next time this is Crzypengu saying Waddle On.

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