Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Special Island Insider

Hello Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. On Thursday we got a Brand New Island Insider and I have to say it is quite sad for many players who have watched this since, anyways here is the post.

"Hi, penguin family!"

"Remember me? LOL, just kidding"

"I’ve had such an amazing summer adventure – I toured around the beautiful region that I live in and, of course, made sure to pet A LOT of dogs. But most of all, I had the chance to learn more about myself, and explore more things I’m passionate about."

"On that note, I’ve got a special edition of Island Insider for you all today! Check it out:"


"Before you read this part, have you watched the video yet? No? AH! Please watch the video first."

"If you answered yes, keep on reading."

"THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I say it all the time, and I even say it in the video, but I will repeat it once more (or a million) for emphasis. We have the best community ever, each one of you is a valuable part of our colony of penguins, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to get to know you all better and share in this incredible journey."

"Before I sign off, I’d like to ask you all a HUGE favor if that’s alright? Yah? Cool. Here it is…"

"Keep all the positive energy flowing, no matter what. I know I know, it’s an obvious request. But it’s up to you, the community to keep this a happy and welcoming place for new family members to join and belong. Club Penguin Island is destined for great things, and you can all help make that happen."

"OKAY! That’s all the rambling I have for you, but here I am, still refusing to say goodbye."

"So until next time… Waddle on, you incredibly amazing, passionate, caring, fantastic, and all the other words I can say to show you how much I appreciate you all, penguins."
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Thank you Bobbi so much for your time and effort you have done as the Community Manager at Club Penguin. It is sad to hear about this one day after I went on a Tour at the Club Penguin Headquarters. Bobbi was not there so I was a little upset, but I was able to meet Joe and I trust that he will be great for the Community. From what I saw at the Headquarters I can say that Club Penguin is in good hands and it needs a good community to keep it as amazing as it can be. What did you all think of this new update from the Club Penguin Team? Are you upset to see Bobbi leave the Club Penguin Team? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

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