Saturday, July 2, 2016

Finding Dory Party Announcement

What is up everybody, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. I am still on vacation, but I decided to bring my laptop with me and I finally got the time to post some things. About Two weeks ago there was a blog post put up by Megg about next months party, check it out.

"Great news, penguins!"
"The next Club Penguin party is going to be–"
"Um, I can't remember."
"Sorry, this has never happened before. I'm sure it's a cool party whatever it is."
"Oh wait!"
"it's something about a clam! No, no. An oyster! A mollusk? Something...?"
"OH YEAH! It's the Finding Dory party! Dory, and a few of her friends will be visiting the island July 6 – August 17. (Note to self: learn to speak whale)"
"I'd love to hear in the comments what you think about–"
"A little help here?"
"-Club Penguin Team"
This is a pretty cool idea for a party and I cannot wait to be apart of it, even though I prefer having one outside of an advertisement again. Hopefully this party is going to be packed with new rooms and items, and I might even buy a membership just to be in the party. What do you all think of this party? Are you excited for this or do you wish for a different kind of theme? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

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