Friday, July 8, 2016

Club Penguin Finding Dory Party Walkthrough

What is up everybody, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. On Wednesday night a brand new party was put on the Island which is the Finding Dory Party. Throughout the next week this post will be updated to add in the other parts of the party such as the new features of the party as it progresses. Anyways lets check out what this party gives us.

When you login for the first time when this party starts, you will be greeted by Dory talking about how she is looking for her home.

There are some pretty neat decorated rooms in this party where the first is in the Town and it is the Town Tank in this party.

The Dock is the Marine Life Institute which I wish had more rooms expanded upon it.

The Beach is the Morro Bay which is my favorite room in the party.

The Reef is a hidden room for this party so you can access it at the beach.

The Cove which is Coral Cove.

And finally the Iceberg which is the Floating Reef.

There are some new items for this party as seen in the Dory icon on the top right of the screen, but most of them are for members only.

There are a couple of quests for this party where you progress through a story of finding things in each room. The first quest asks you to find anemones in the Reef. Once you find them Dory will start remembering things more closely and this will progress throughout the party.

The second part of the party tells you to go to the Marine Life Institute to find some Pipes.

The Third part of this party tells you to go to Floating Reef where you will need to find some Music Notes.

The Fourth Party of the party tells you to go to the Town Tank to find the Three Hearts.

The Fifth part of the party tells you to go to the Coral Cove to find Squishy Sand.

The Sixth part of the party has Dory asking you to find the World's Most Powerful Glasses at the Marine Life Institute.

The Seventh part of the Party has Dory ask you to follow some shells at the Morro Bay.

The Final part of the party tells you to go find some Currents at the Reef.

After you finish all of the quests you can pick up the Finding Dory Background.

That is all for this Party which in my opinion is one of the best they have this year even though I wish it was an original party. Anyways what do you all think of this Party? Do you like the things the Club Penguin Team puts out, or do you wish they can change? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be coming soon.

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