Saturday, November 29, 2014

Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 Cheats

Hello my Mateys, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Unfortunately I am unable to make a video for this months party only because I cannot use my Desktop Computer and I am trying to experiment on how to put on Recording Programs on my Laptop. So lets check out this Month's Party which is the Pirate Party 2014.

This Party will end on December 3rd next week which is a Wednesday and that is usually when these party ends.

Here is the Map for this Pirate Party

Now lets check out the Party rooms where the first one is the town. This room actually looks like it could be attached to a river.

The Dock where it is like a trading post.

The Beach which is where you can see the Migrator is destroyed.

The Snow Forts, although there is no snow around.

The Plaza which is like a beach.

The Forest which kind of reminds me of the Jungle Book.

And finally the Cove which reminds me of Peter Pan mainly because of the Skull Rock.

There are some tasks you can do during this party which can be seen here and regularly happens a lot this year.

The main thing you can do during this party is you are fighting pirate crabs to regain the treasure. In each fight you will fight three crabs that can be found on a treasure chest throughout the Island. It actually does not matter what order you do to defeat them.

The Final Crab battle is the main Pirate Crab where you have to attack him 3 times in order to defeat him.

After you defeat all the Crabs Rockhopper will thank you and it will show you the aftermath.

One other thing you can do during this party is you can battle other penguins to get coins and for Members you can also get unique swords.

Rockhopper is also on the Island at this time with a background that was first released last year.

The other thing to mention is that there are three different emotes which are a Pirate face emote, a Treasure Chest, and Crab Claws.
The last thing I have to mention are the messages that are for this party and I like to thank Club Penguin Wikia for letting me use this.
Safe Chat Messages
Pirate's life for me!
Thar be hidden treasure
Where be the scallywag crabs?
That be part of the pirates code
It be a duel!
Pirate Parade!
Gangway mateys!
Those be scurvy crabs
Join Rockhopper's crew!
What is a pirate's favorite dessert?Peach cobblARRRRR!
What do you get when you cross...a pirate with a zucchini?
Know any good pirate jokes?Neither do ayyyyyy!
What happened when Redbeard...fell into the Blue Sea?
What do pirates wear in the winter?Long Johns!
What grades did the pirate get in school?High Seas!
What did the pirate say...when he crashed on the iceberg?
How does a pirate clean his ship?He has a Yarrrrrrrrd sale!
Tour Guide Messages
Tour Guide
BeachArrr welcome to the Beach
It be the restin' place o' the Migrator
Ye can search for treasure...
or salvage parts fer yer own ship!
CoveAvast it be the Lost Lagoon!
It be a place of mystery and merguins...
rumored to hold treasure...
and the best surfin'
DockAvast it be the Buccaneer Bistro!
Grab a mug o' cream soda...
and sing a sea shanty!
Watch out for duelin' pirates!
ForestIt be the Jungle Ruins!
Thar be myths about this place...
some say thar be treasure...
that be guarded by a gray puffle
The PlazaThis be the Lost Crew Plaza...
built by marooned sailors
They be doin' fine here...
they even be havin' a Pizza Parlor!
Town CenterArrrr!
This be the place for shore leave!
It be the Town
Do a jig at the Dance Club...
or grab a bandana at the Clothes Shop!

That is it for this Party. I think in the Future I may do a step by Step guide like this and a YouTube video at the same time so that if the Video is taken down for some reason then you can use this as a reference. Anyways thank you all so much for viewing my blog over the last two years as it has been fun doing it. Until next time this is Crzypengu saying Waddle On!

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