Monday, November 17, 2014

Club Penguin Igloo and Furniture Catalog November 2014 Cheats

What is up everybody, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Today I need to put up a couple updates that have just recently happened on the Island last week, check out this Month's Igloo and Furniture Catalog.

Click on the Bookshelf to get the Funky Bookshelf Secret and click on the Green Chair to get the Scoop Chair Secret.

Click on the Full Moon (Facepalm) to get the Dangly Spider Secret.

Click on the Graveyard Gate to get the Trick-or-Treats Secret.

Pretty cool Catalog don't you think? Are you excited for the Pirate Party this month because I sure am. I am hoping though that it will be the best party this year because the Club Penguin Team has not been doing a great job this year. Anyways please leave a comment below on your thoughts of this brand new Catalog.

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