Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is Club Penguin Going to die out?

Hello Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Before I finish the rest of the things I have to catch up on this week I found out that Club Penguin was firing many employees because the company is not doing well. However do not take my word from it, if you ask anyone ask Trainman1405 who has a very good post on why Club Penguin needs to be fixed. However that is not the best one I have seen this week but one from former Employee Screenhog who has his own website. He put it up to saying that Club Penguin is losing sales and popularity growth towards it. I read this article which you can read here. I have to say that he puts it in a very good way stating that all worlds will die out soon and I think the tenth year of Club Penguin will also be close to shutting its doors. I have loved this game forever in my youth and I do not want to leave it at all. Club Penguin has been a huge part of my life since 2007 and I still love it. However I do not believe that the current CEO as you all know as Spike Hike is doing his job right. I have seen them saying, "Oh we need all the stuff on mobile and not to focus on the online game." This company is owned by Disney and I understand why a lot of people are saying that Disney is ruining Club Penguin and I do understand that a lot. However when it comes to business owners they need to know that there company is on the line and not the job. When I saw Club Penguin before Disney purchased them I knew it was going to be a success over the years. That was 8 years ago and as of right now I do not think new ownership was the best way to go. I understand that Lane Merrifield had to leave back in 2012 but I cannot understand why some CEOs of companies cannot get their crap together. That is because they see no risk of losing this job then they will triumph for some people. The media has talked about Business being a bad thing such as The Lego Movie which I still find hilarious today. The fact is that Club Penguin will end I believe in the next 5 years if it is not held up properly. I hate to lose my childhood game but the facts are that many employees were laid off and the UK Office was even shut down. I hope that Chris Heatherly takes this into consideration as keeping up with society will not always help out the company with the mobile devices as it is not working out with sales. The other thing to point out is Private Servers are not being taking down. I will admit that I have experimented with them before but I do not think they give you that full game experience. I want this game to grow over the years but it looks like that will not happen as promises to take them out has greatly reduced over time as if the company wants to fail. It may be hard to take it all in but Club Penguin will end some day. How can we fix this is we can rebuild this company is simple, we release better content for the players to enjoy for everyone. What I want to see is Card Jitsu Shadow to be released along with more Original Parties as advertising is sadly doing no good at this time. I would have never thought that I would see the day that Club Penguin is doing so poorly in my lifetime as of right now. We should all understand that Club Penguin will end in the distant future if nothing is taken into consideration by Disney. I do miss the old Company Owners and I wish they can come back as this cannot be tolerated any longer. Thank you for reading this and I will get back to my regular posts soon.

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