Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NO HOLIDAY WALKTHROUGH!?: Things I want to change in 2015

What is up everyone, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. I know that some of you may be asking why I did not put up the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2014 up. The only answer I can really give is that I have not been working hard enough on this blog this year. Compared to the previous years I have done this blog I have not been doing enough which is pathetic every time I think of it. However I do have the video recorded and I will put it up on YouTube even though the party is over at the time. The same thing happened with the Fair in the beginning of the year which I do have the video but I did not upload them yet. Other things I wish I could have done better is more Club Penguin posts about their blogs and of course more languages. When I looked over different Club Penguin Blogs based on languages I wanted to do those but honestly I did have the time, but I did not take it too seriously. I wanted to make this blog a fun experience but because I am now employed and being near the end of High School I forget about this blog. This does not mean that I will stop writing on this blog because I want to go as far as I can until I have to leave. I like working for this and I need to do it when I get some spare time. Another thing I want to do is get the rest of the missions up and this blog post I first started last year but never completed because it takes a very long time. The PSA Missions I still need to record and only have a few more to go which I will put in the Psa Missions tab on this website. I hope you all understand that this year was not my best effort and I really want to change that all around next year. Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope to do A LOT more changes for the next year. Anyways this is Crzypengu signing out.

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