Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Club Penguin Review 2014

Hello Penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. Today I want to go over a review of what Club Penguin has brought use this year. Since 2007 I have played and enjoyed this game and really cannot stop playing it. However after this review you may see that I am far disappointed for this year. For a lot of you the good news is that Mobile has been completed for both Apple and Androids devices. The only other good thing I can say about this year is that I am glad about the holiday special and new mascots. Now that there are only a few things that are good lets get to the bad things.

When I started back in May 2007 I knew that Club Penguin had potential and will last a very long time since it started back in October 2005. However that has been flipped as I am far disappointed in the game this year than any other year. Why do I say this you may ask and what makes me think this? The Number 1 reason why I am more disappointed for the Club Penguin Team this year and not with the other is because of Creativity. Creativity is the key word that made this game start. Creativity is what made this game amazing at its time. Creativity is what made this game get over 200 million registered users. From 2005-2013 there has been a ton of creativity for the game such as Card Jitsu, Secret Agents, Mascots, Igloo Decorations, Party's, Puffles, and so much more. However I cannot stand the fact that it seems like the Team has been directed by a man who does not know how to do his job. If I was in charge I would be working my butt off on everything I can because that is the kind of worker I am. I did in fact email Club Penguin on this situation and asked them what happened. Here is what a worker named Joe said.

Hi there,

It's always great to hear from a penguin who's active in the CP community! 

It's been a crazy year at Club Penguin and we have been working super hard to make some great parties and content for everyone. I understand that sometimes this doesn't appeal to all players, but please know that we're doing our best. 

We've seen a huge amount of awesome new puffles, the introduction of Puffle Wild, Club Penguin on the Android, AND the Merry Walrus Christmas Special! The team has been super excited about all of these but most of all, we're excited about the parties. I'm sorry to hear that they haven't been your favourite, but we're pushing really hard to make our 10th year the best ever. 

As for Card Jitsu Shadow, Sensei has sworn us to secrecy. He said "You are not to speak of the dark arts. It is not time... not quite yet." But I'll tell you that there are some amazing surprises that are coming and I really do believe that the 10th year is going to be your favourite year!

Which parties were your favourite and least favourite this year? We'd love to hear what worked for you and what didn't-- fan feedback is great help in inspiring us!

Club Penguin Support

Thank you Joe for contacting but with the large release of puffles that is one of the biggest issues I had. I believe that you and your entire team has not done enough as if putting more species of Puffles will help solve that problem. I did hear however it took 9 months to make the Christmas Special but do we really need the entire team to do it because only those who are in that kind of job should do it. Club Penguin on the Android should have been completed the same time the Apple was because I did not see any slacking off for the parties during that time. I want a better year and the 10th year since it has been around better be the best or I have lost all faith in this company. The other thing that should be improved is membership benefits because exclusive party items and buying clothing is not enough. We need more benefits for those paying their own money to be able to feel like it is a totally different experience. I have lost that experience this entire year and because of that I stopped buying Membership cards plus taking out 1 month membership cards is not a smart move. Anyways I want this year to work out the best and I want to see Card Jitsu Shadow finally released because that needs to happen on this milestone. Anyways sorry CP Fans to break anyone's spirit towards this game but Club Penguin needs to improve or this company will shut down due to failures. Thank you so much for your time reading this and I hope to see you all Next Year.

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