Saturday, February 27, 2016

Club Penguin Plaza without Color and Cave Maze

What is up penguins, Crzypengu here with the latest updates. On Wednesday Night there was a brand new update to the game where we reach the Third and Final week of Operation: Tri-umph where we find half of the Plaza without its true colors and a Cave Maze, check it out.

And now to the Maze which is reused from last year, but the finish line is different by having Finish Crossed off and of course there is a Maze Map that you can check out.

And yes there is a secret room as well within the maze which is really just a dance floor with music on.

When you Reach the Final Room Herbert will talk to you and all you have to do is unplug a switch, yes no joke that is all you need to do and then the Director will speak with you.

So what do you guys think of this event? I personally think it could of been done a lot better and so do a lot of other people especially how they are dying to ask people to buy a membership for this. I wish Club Penguin had a CEO that would tell their workers to focus more on these parties than the mobile devices because they will already lose a ton of money if they waste their profits and work on them. I hope Club Penguin lasts at least five more years because at this point of time it seems like nothing is working for them at this moment. Lets just hope this Project Super Secret turns to be a great success or Card Jitsu Shadow has been developed this whole time. Anyways please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and more blog posts will be up in the upcoming days.

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